Why You Should Give a Yoga Retreat a Try

Yoga retreats vary in length and focus, but they are designed to help you disconnect and reconnect. A well-organized retreat will help you get out of your routine, into nature and give you safe space to learn new things, think critically and return home with fresh ideas and a clear head. Regardless if you go for just a day to the mountains in Madrid or for two weeks in India, yoga retreats can be life-changing experiences.


Disconnect and Reconnect

Get out of your element, turn off your phone and devices and let your head buzz with the sound of near silence. Reconnect with yourself and nature. Learn how to use mindfulness to enjoy even life’s most mundane moments from brushing your teeth to walking to the store.

Learn New Things

You are sure to learn something you’ve never explored before, even if you are an experienced yogi. It might be new Sanskrit words, a new yoga pose, a new breathing technique or a new way of teaching. It might be dynamic meditation where you find yourself screaming your head off or dancing. It could be laughter therapy where teachers provoke uncontrollable laughter. Learn to relax, a new way of teaching, partner yoga, the science of meditation, ayurvedic message… there are many possibilities and the best lessons are the spontaneous ones!


Rediscover Your Inner Child

When is the last time you went to camp? The last time you made new friends with strangers? The last time you laughed uncontrollably and played games? Yoga is playful and allows you to tap into a different side of yourself.

Think Critically

The first time I learned Kapalbhati, a breathing technique, in a yoga class my woo-woo alert was going off. “What in the world is the teacher doing? I just want to sweat!” I thought. Resistance to new things is natural, but how often do we get to learn the science and history of something that can make us healthier, stronger and increase our mental and emotional intelligence? Expect to find yourself deep in conversation with other yogis about things like the meaning of life, death, the circle of life, spirituality, how meditation can be beneficial and all kinds of science and mythology behind the techniques we learn about in yoga.


Meet People with Many Different Backgrounds

Don’t miss out on speaking to as many people as possible. I’ve met so many interesting people over the years from a 83-year-old woman who practiced yoga in Madrid in the 60’s, to a mother and daughter from Ukraine now living in Vermont to neuroscientist from India and so many more.

If you are contemplating signing up for a yoga retreat – do it! This is an opportunity to learn, grow, connect and reconnect. A vacation is nice, but a yoga retreat is nicer

Our next yoga retreat is in the mountains of Madrid on June 10th, it’s one day long and includes food, transportation, meditation and yoga classes with experienced instructors and hiking. Send me a message for more details.


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