A City Escape

Ashram Valdeiglesias Retreat

For two or three months in the spring and fall we offer monthly yoga and mindfulness retreats to Ashram Valdeiglesias, which is just an hour east of Madrid. It’s a day full of new activities led by experienced teachers, international students, nature and great vegetarian food; and it’s far enough away from the city to feel completely disconnected. Students take a day for themselves to learn and recharge. Here are a few photos from our last retreat.

Tai Chi is a centuries-old martial art rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. It consists of therapeutic, rhythmic defensive movements. It focuses on using minimal amount of energy to make a big impact, which is why they say “four ounces can deflect a thousand pounds.”
Asana, or the physical yoga practice is a great start, but it’s not all there is to yoga. Most people start practicing for the obvious benefits: flexibility, strength and physical fitness, but fall in love with it for so many more reasons. Yoga teaches us the power of breath, body awareness, and personal growth which leads to self-awareness, kindness and compassion. It can turn into a meditation practice and beyond.
Abby, one of our new students enjoying the sunshine outside of the Ashram.
Pranayama is the practice of controlling the breath. The word is made up of two Sanskrit words: prana, meaning life force, and ayama, meaning to control. There are many techniques that can quiet the mind, raise or lower body temperature and give energy.
Yoga Nidra – also known as psychic or yogic sleep – is a guided meditation where the goal is to bring you to complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. You are guided to use your breath to bring awareness to your body, experience different sensations and visualize various situations and objects. Most people fall in and out of a deep sleep throu. There are many studies done on the benefits of the practice and many believe it can have powerful spiritual and meditative effects when practiced regularly.
Lorena, our talented yoga teacher, cools off in the hot June weather.
Ashram Yoga Retreat
We love Madrid’s beautiful mountains!
Madrid mountains - Gabriel thumbs up
This is our Tai Chi instructor, Gabriel, he is a martial arts master!
Group Photo
Ashram Valdeiglesias was founded on July 1, 1982 and is located in San Martin de Valdeiglesias near the Sierra de Gredos, just 70 km from Madrid capital. It’s a lovely place where the buildings were designed to fit in with the surrounding nature and is a great base to do yoga, meditate and follow any of the many trails into the pine woods.


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