About Me

Suz Yoga Madrid

I’m Suzanne, a teacher, yogi, traveler, movement enthusiast and, most importantly, a student. 

Yoga found me a long time ago and, like many people, I fell in love with a hot, sweaty practice, handstands and arm balances. I still love all of those things, however, my yoga practice has shifted over the years to a daily practice where it has much more meaning on and off the mat. My hope is to share some of my discoveries with others – ways to feel good physically and mentally, grow stronger, be happy, and live the most natural life as possible.

I’m a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher, as well as a primary school teacher. I studied meditation and various styles of yoga and am available for private and group classes in Spanish or English in Madrid.

Message me for private classes, and upcoming fitness and wellness-based retreats. 

My Influences and Yoga Style

Bakasana Crow Pose Suz Yoga Madrid

I teach an energetic and creative Vinyasa Flow, which is always adapted to my students. I draw inspiration not only from many types of yoga styles including Dharma, Rocket and Ashtanga yoga, but also from martial arts and other movement arts such as dance, capoeira, acro arts, etc. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in psychology and love studying anatomy in order to provide the most feedback for my students’ needs.

Yoga is for everyone and every body, regardless of your physical level and flexibility. Not flexible? Great! Yoga will help you maximize flexibility, prevent injury, strengthen weak spots and help you get centered and more aware of your body.

Dharma Yoga

My biggest influence is Dharma Yoga, lead by Sri Dharma Mittra in New York City. The practice is fun, light-hearted and a modern take on traditional yoga styles.

“If you open your heart and become like a child, you will always be blissful, always content.”  – Dharma Mittra




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